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Stain Removal

Do you have unsightly stains on your “stain proof” carpet?

We have all heard of stain proof or stain resistant carpet.  Most carpet available today comes with a stain-resistant treatment, which is effective if immediate action is taken to remove spills or staining agents. However, if there is a delay before a spill is cleaned up, or if it is a particularly strong contaminant, there is the potential for stains to develop.  The sooner a stain is treated the less likely that it will become permanent.  While modern treatments are good, no carpet is completely stain proof.


We are the Experts in Stain Removal

Your delicate and fine carpets and upholstery require expert knowledge, careful service and proven, safe products – all of which are available through your Icebirds Cleaning Solutions professional.

Regardless of what kind of stain you need removed, the experts at Icebirds Cleaning Solutions in Kelowna will have your carpets and upholstery restored to their most beautiful condition.

Icebirds Cleaning Solutions has a range of professionally formulated and high performance cleaning stain removal products available for you to use between cleaning services. They are available in convenient sizes and are great to keep on hand for emergencies. Contact Icebirds Cleaning Solutions to learn about which stain removal products are right for you and your home.

Contact the professionals at Icebirds Cleaning Solutions today to schedule your appointment and restore the beauty to your carpets and upholstery!


At Icebirds Cleaning Solutions in Kelowna, we offer a 90-day unparalleled warranty. Not only do we guarantee our workmanship,  but if you have an accident that results in soiling of the surface we cleaned within 90 days, we will come and clean it up at no additional charge!

Call us for more details!

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