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Area Rug Cleaning

Do you have beautiful area rugs in your home?

Area rugs add beauty, warmth, color and texture to your floors, but they can also get dirty quickly. Often, area rugs are exposed to heavy foot traffic or can become a favorite spot for pets.  You can keep your area rugs looking beautiful by scheduling Icebirds Cleaning Solutions for their regular area rug cleaning.  Let us keep your area rugs looking their best and extend their life.


Restore your Area Rugs

The experts at Icebirds Cleaning Solutions in Kelowna have several years of experience cleaning and restoring area rugs.  Whether you need to clean a high traffic hallway runner or restore the finest persian and oriental carpets to pristine condition, our experienced professionals can get the best results for you. With our exclusive processes, Icebirds Cleaning Solutions can restore your prized carpets to their best condition, providing you with long-lasting beautiful area rugs.

When treating area carpets, it is important to have professionals with experience. Icebirds Cleaning Solutions exclusive products are safe for a wide variety or textiles, including wool and synthetic fabrics.  Together with our proprietary technology and processes, we will clean, restore, and maintain your valuable carpets to the highest level.  Some of the advantages of Icebirds Cleaning Solutions cleaned area rugs are odor removal, enhanced appearance; reduced re-soiling and longer carpet service life.

By trusting the care of your area rugs to Icebirds Cleaning Solutions, you will be sure that your carpets are receiving the highest level of care and that you will get the best results. At Icebirds Cleaning Solutions, our professionals participate in ongoing training and education programs.

Contact the experts at Icebirds Cleaning Solutions today to give your valuable area carpets the exceptional cleaning and enhanced life that you desire.


At Icebirds Cleaning Solutions in Kelowna, we offer a 90-day unparalleled warranty. Not only do we guarantee our workmanship,  but if you have an accident that results in soiling of the surface we cleaned within 90 days, we will come and clean it up at no additional charge!

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