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Pet Stains and Odors a problem in your home?

A powerful hot water or steam extraction may not be the answer to your pets stain and smell saturated into your carpet. The reason is especially urine sinks deep into the carpet. It can even reach down to the base pile and through to the back of the carpet.



Pet Stains and Odors can seem impossible to remove

Sometimes penetrating right into the underlining of the carpet. The cleaning process is a very difficult process and with ordinary techniques is virtually impossible to remove the deep, imbedded pet stains. Even professional steam cleaned the stain remains and the stench is still noticeable.

Icebirds Cleaning Solutions professionally formulated and high preformation deodorizing product lifts away pet stain and odor. By using our product and vacuum technique Icebirds Cleaning Solutions goes deep within the carpet to extract large amounts of urine to remove the stains and smell permanently.

It can be tricky and become a complicated process removing pet stains and odors from your carpet. Allow Icebirds Cleaning Solutions professional cleaning process to take care of the mess left behind by your pets. We are professionally trained in how to safely remove pet stains and odors without damaging your carpets or upholsteries. Your home will smell fresh and clean. We provide environmentally friendly products not to pose any health risk to your family and pets.

Pet and urine odor removal

One of the most pungent odor problems is urine from household pets. Cat urine is probably the most challenging to remove. Do it yourself or companies not properly trained to safely remove pet stains and odor can actually make the situation worse. The result from improper cleaning practices on carpets and upholstery can actually increase the smell instead of removing it. Especially cat urine where crystals are present releases ammonia when wet. If the person cleaning is not aware of this chemical reaction to cat urine, they may think wetting the spot to clean it is the solution. What actually happens is the urine has been reactivated and the smell get worse. Contact Icebirds Cleaning Solutions to remove pet urine stain and smells.



At Icebirds Cleaning Solutions in Kelowna, we offer a 90-day unparalleled warranty. Not only do we guarantee our workmanship,  but if you have an accident that results in soiling of the surface we cleaned within 90 days, we will come and clean it up at no additional charge!

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