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Hard Surface Floor

It may not seem obvious to the eye, hard surface floors receive just as much wear and tear as carpets. Dirt and grime penetrate into hard surfaces requiring more attention than a few strokes with a wet mop. High foot traffic becomes scuffed and dull losing its luster.


Hard Floor Cleaning Service

While floors are extremely durable they also need to be regularly cleaned to remove the built in dirt. Floor cleaning requires different techniques depending on the hard floor surface and material. A technique for ceramic tiles to bring back glossy glow may not be the ideal solution for treating hardwood floors. Icebirds Cleaning Solutions professionals bring with them years of training and experience in floor cleaning.

Icebirds Cleaning Solutions in Kelowna cleans several types of hard floor surface material. Surfaces such as ceramic tiles, hardwood, laminate, linoleum, granite, marble, stone and brick are some of the coverings available for cleaning. Sweeping, mopping, waxing, buffing, and scrubbing are all good for maintaining floor surface. For long lasting results, floors need to be properly sealed to protect from stains and regular foot traffic. Depending on the floor surface type might need polishing or special coatings to extend the usage.

Icebirds Cleaning Solutions are Professionally Trained

When you hire a professional they come equipped with the right experience and knowledge to clean your hard surfaces. Icebirds Cleaning Solutions delivers high quality care using the best equipment and the correct products for floor cleaning your hard surfaces. They know what works for each type of surface and leave no residue behind.

An old floor or newer can be restored to its previous lustre. It is an investment and lengthens the lifespan of your hard surfaces to regularly have floor cleaning service.

At Icebirds Cleaning Solutions, we take pride in making sure you are happy with our floor cleaning service. Let Icebirds Cleaning Solutions in Kelowna show you the difference how your floor surface will look.


At Icebirds Cleaning Solutions in Kelowna, we offer a 90-day unparalleled warranty. Not only do we guarantee our workmanship,  but if you have an accident that results in soiling of the surface we cleaned within 90 days, we will come and clean it up at no additional charge!

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