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Is there a new puppy in your home?

Has there been a new pet in your home this year?  Few things bring more joy to a family than a new puppy!  If you have recently added a dog to your home, you also know that along with the happiness it brings to your home, it can cause some problems.  If your new pet has had an accident on your beautiful carpets over the winter, you may find that the odors are still lingering.  Here are some tips and ideas on how to eliminate any pet stains and odours efficiently to have your home looking and smelling fresh again!

Repeat accidents on the same rug or carpet?

Do you wonder why your cat or dog has repeated accidents in the same spot, even long after they have been trained?  Unfortunately, as the odours often remain after the mess appears to have been cleaned up, your pet thinks that the soiled area is its new bathroom.  Although it may look like you have cleaned up, your pet still detects the lingering odour.  By completely eliminating the odour you can remove the pets desire to return to the scene of the crime!

How do you completely remove these old stains and odours?

There are many chemicals available from pet or grocery stores that claim to eliminate odours, but many only mask the smell temporarily, resulting in more accidents when they wear off.  In addition, many of these products contain harsh chemicals that can discolour or damage your rugs.  Some products may also leave a residue that can be harmful to pets or children.  You want to avoid these!

So, what is a better approach?  Once you have located the areas that still smell of urine, you need to completely eradicate the stain and odour.  The first step is a thorough vacuuming to remove any debris or residual mess. Then, call in the professionals.  Icebirds Cleaning Solutions experts are experienced and trained to ensure that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned with carpet stain removal and deodorized from pet stains while not using any harsh or damaging chemicals.  At the end of the treatment, your carpets and rugs will look like new again and will be completely odour free for the long term, discouraging repeat accidents from your pet.

For ongoing pet stains and odor removal control, Icebirds Cleaning Solutions has a range of professionally formulated, high performance deodorizing products available for carpet stain removal you to use between cleaning appointments. These products are safe for your family and pets and will not damage your rugs or carpets.

Use Carpet Stain Removal to Deal quickly with new stains!

If you have a new pet who is still in the training phase it is important to act quickly to prevent stains and to teach your puppy to stop repeating accidents in the same spot. As soon as you discover a urine accident, blot the area with paper towels. Continue to blot with a heavy layer of paper towels until all of the moisture has been absorbed.  As soon as the area is dry, treat it with Roto-Static’s Pet Odour Eliminator.  This will ensure that there is no lingering urine odour and is safe for carpets and rugs.

It is important to clearly show your new pet that the area is NOT their new bathroom, so take them outside and show them where they should go.  Repeating this process each time will build the understanding that the carpet or rug is not an appropriate bathroom!  Combining this behavioral training with completely eliminating any residual odors will help training go smoothly and keep your carpets and home looking and smelling fresh!


At Icebirds Cleaning Solutions in Kelowna, we offer a 90-day unparalleled warranty. Not only do we guarantee our workmanship,  but if you have an accident that results in soiling of the surface we cleaned within 90 days, we will come and clean it up at no additional charge!

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